Off-the-Menu Modifications

Do you need to order a DNA or RNA oligo with a special modification but can’t find it on our Custom Oligo pages? Then order them here at Custom Oligo Services.

Bringing you more

We are proud to offer an enhanced selection of custom oligonucleotide options that do not appear on our standard modification menus.  

Each order is treated as a special project by our dedicated services team. Upon completion, the project is reviewed by our Technical, Quality, and Manufacturing teams to deliver the best the industry has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What modifications are available?
A. Our synthesizers allow us to use any commercially available modification and add them to your oligo. We also offer post-synthesis labeling with fluorescent dyes such as our superior Alexa Fluor® dyes.

Q. What scales are available?
A. We can manufacture from 200 nmol to 1 gram scales in a variety of purities. Just let us know what you need.
Q. What purity selections do you offer?
A. We offer standard desalted, HPLC, and in vivo purifications.

Q. Do you offer custom siRNA libraries?
A. We can offer plated sets of siRNAs designed to your list of favorite targets. Contact us today for a quote.
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