Coating Weight and Thickness Measurement Gauges for Metals

Maximize production of quality steel

We offer a complete line of non-contact thickness gauges for hot- and cold-rolling mills that provide precise, real-time measurements that meet the tightest specifications of any application while maximizing raw material use. Whether you're producing steel from iron ore or scrap, or whether your end product is more than several inches or less than a millimeter thick, you can rely on us for accurate thickness or coating weight measurement and the highest quality finished products.

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Featured metals coating measurement products

Get accurate, noncontact length profile thickness measurement of aluminum and aluminum alloys with gauges specially designed for aluminum cold strip and foil mills.

Thermo Scientific™ Gauges for Hot Strip Mills provide reliable, repeatable process control data to identify operating issues, ensure product uniformity, and increase output. We offer two solutions for complete quality control of hot strip mills.

Thermo Scientific noncontact coating weight gauges provide fast, accurate, noncontact coating weight measurement of metal coatings applied to flat sheet galvanneal products, helping to ensure coating uniformity and product quality.

Thermo Scientific Noncontact Thickness Gauges for Cold Rolling and Process Lines provide reliable, noncontact thickness measurement of flat sheet metal in every type of processing line.

Thermo Scientific thickness gauges for hot plate lines optimize the mill process with extremely high measurement accuracy at high speed, low noise, and with excellent cross-profile resolution—making them ideal for applications such as bridges, wind turbine towers, and ships.

Specially selected for the process line application, the Thermo Scientific Laser TX Optical Thickness Gauge provides accurate on-line, noncontact thickness measurements for a variety of sheet processing applications in the steel and aluminum industries.


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