Taqman Myths

TaqMan® Common Myths: Busted

Scientists are inquisitive in nature. This we know is a fact. One of the great things about being a scientist is that you are always learning. But as we learn from so many different sources, there is a risk that some information may be lost in translation.

We have found some common myths about TaqMan® products floating around the world – and we want to set the record straight whilst having some fun!

On this page, you find some common myths and help you uncover the facts about TaqMan® products.

MYTH: TaqMan® Assays can only be used on Applied Biosystems® qPCR instruments

FACT: TaqMan® Assays can be used on any qPCR instrument

Don’t just take our word for it. The evidence speaks for itself. Do a quick search on your favorite academic database or search engine to see where TaqMan® assays have been successfully used.

MYTH: SYBR® and TaqMan® detection methods provide the same specificity

FACT: High specificity is the hallmark trait of TaqMan® assays

TaqMan® assays are based on sequence-specific fluorogenic-labeled probes to detect a target as it accumulates during PCR. The TaqMan® assays detection method drives higher specificity due to the sequence-specificity of the TaqMan® probe and the three binding events in close proximity required to generate the signal.
Learn more about how TaqMan® assays work here.

MYTH: TaqMan® assays are for experienced scientists whereas SYBR® Green dye is for beginners

FACT: TaqMan® assays are simple to order and use and can be used by any scientist – no matter their level of experience.

With over 8 Million pre-designed TaqMan® assays to choose from, TaqMan® assays are the most comprehensive set of products available for gene expression, non-coding RNA, copy number variation, SNP genotyping analysis, mutation detection, and protein expression. These pre-designed TaqMan® Assays do not require optimization or validation, are guaranteed to work and suitable for all users. Just add your sample to the pre-designed TaqMan® Assay and master mix and you are ready-to-go.
Visit the Real-Time PCR Assays order page, to see how simple it is to select and order your pre-designed TaqMan® Assay.

MYTH: TaqMan® Assays may not work the first time.

FACT: We guarantee the performance of all our pre-designed TaqMan® Assays.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of a TaqMan® Assay, we’ll replace it at no cost, or credit your account.* Find out more: lifetechnologies.com/taqmanguarantee
*Subject to terms and conditions

MYTH: Hydrolysis probes such as TaqMan® probes are very complex and hard to understand.

FACT: Life Technologies is your trusted brand for real-time PCR, and we’ve made it simple to understand the TaqMan® methodology.

Life Technologies is the trusted brand in real-time PCR with our TaqMan® Assays leading the way in gold standard performance, quality and content.
Developed using long-standing bioinformatics expertise in primer and probe design, and stringent testing across applications and integrated platforms, TaqMan® Assays provide you with the most reliable and robust real-time PCR solutions.
We realize starting with TaqMan® Assays may be daunting so we have made it simple by providing educational, selection, and technical support tools to guide you along every step of the way. Visit Life Technologies website for more information on TaqMan® Assays.
New to real-time PCR? – Get started with our real-time PCR handbook!

MYTH: TaqMan® Assays are more expensive than SYBR® dyes.

FACT: Time is money too…pre-designed TaqMan® Assays are optimized to work every time.

The amount of time you’ll save using TaqMan® Assays actually provides big savings when you consider the time you’re spending validating assays and the reagent costs to do that.
We stand behind every TaqMan® assay you buy from us! Learn more here.