XL3p 300A Trade Offer

Special pricing and a 2-year warranty on our best-selling lead paint analyzer for a limited time!

Trade in now for a new Niton lead paint analyzer

Increase the accuracy and precision of your lead paint testing with a Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XLp 300A handheld XRF analyzer—the only lead paint analyzer with an ideal PCS. Features include:

  • No inconclusive readings
  • No need for substrate correction
  • No false positive/false negative reading

The Niton XLp 300 Series can determine in seconds whether lead is positive (defined by the US EPA as greater than or equal to 1.0 mg/cm2) or negative. 

Benefits of Niton XRF technology

The XLp 300A analyzer is powered by a Cd-109 radioactive source, providing unmatched performance in the analysis of lead paint, soil samples, dust wipes, and air filters. Compared to other radioactive sources, the usage of Cd-109 allows for more comprehensive and accurate data collection and analysis. 

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Niton XLp in focus

Lab quality analysis at the point of need

Our lead paint inspection tool is designed to meet lead paint testing regulations. Features include rapid RRP rule compliance testing, soil analysis, dust wipe analysis to pre-screen abatement or renovation work via handheld XRF analyzer.