Custom synthesis and pre-designed formats to meet your specifications

지금 바로 여러분의 기준에 맞는 올리고뉴클레오티드를 확인해 보세요. 라이프 테크놀로지스는 실제로 모든 어플리케이션과 전달 시간에 대한 옵션을 제공하여 여러분의 연구 진행에 도움을 드립니다. PCR, 클로닝, 또는 염기서열분석 샘플 준비에 올리고가 필요하다면 Invitrogen®, Applied Biosystems®, TaqMan® 맞춤 올리고 합성 서비스에서 여러분께서 찾으시는 우수한 품질과 편이를 확인하실 수 있습니다. 유전자 발현, 유전 변이, noncoding RNA의 real-time PCR 분석용 TaqMan® Assays, RNA 간섭 연구용 Ambion® Silencer® Select siRNAs, 범용 올리고 등은 이미 널리 사용되고 있는 올리고입니다.

Choose from standard deoxynucleotides, modified bases, and 5' and 3'-modified nucleotides, our Invitrogen® custom oligos can be ordered in 5 quantities and 4 purity levels to help meet all your application needs.

Choose from dual-labeled TaqMan® probes, 5’ fluorescently-labeled single primers, labeled primer pairs for fragment analysis, gene expression, PCR, and genotyping, and unlabeled sequence detection primers.

For gene expression, SNP genotyping, copy number variation, mutation detection and more, you can use our assay search tool to find single-tube TaqMan® Assays. SYBR® Green dye-based expression detection is also available.

Obtain the exact gene sequence you need in the vector of your choice, with rapid synthesis and assembly. Use our optional GeneOptimizer software for maximized protein yield and excellent accuracy.

Synthetic ready-to-clone Strings™ DNA Fragments up to 1 kb are delivered within 5 business days. Flexible and affordable, with easy online ordering tools for optimizing your fragments.

Design your own Invitrogen® custom RNAi oligos, or search our database for pre-designed and bench-tested RNAi sequences. RNA oligos are supplied in 96-well plates, with easy re-ordering options to save you time.