Focused on What You Need to Get the Job Done

Our new, improved genomic DNA extraction kits offer you more options for sample types and volumes, and even kit sizes and throughput. PureLink® Genomic Kits can meet all your needs:

  • Obtain higher gDNA yields and purity—optimized column and plate membranes with new buffer formulations for enhanced DNA binding and release
  • Save time and money—use with a large range of sample sizes (i.e., 100 µL to 1 mL blood) and types. Kit comes complete with everything you need
  • Increase flexibility—96-well version needs no special equipment and can be processed manually or with automated platforms

PureLink® Spin Column-Based Kits

Purifying genomic DNA is a starting point for many processes, so it’s critical that you get the quantity and purity you need. Current silica-based kits can only handle minimal sample amounts, forcing you to perform purification procedures multiple times, using up expensive reagents, wasting time, and increasing the risk of sample loss. Now you can get the familiarity of silica methods and the results you need with the improved PureLink® Genomic DNA Kits (Figure 1). Specially designed columns, buffers, and protocols enable you to purify larger sample quantities in a single pass, saving you time and reagents. In addition, you’ll find that the yield and purity level of PureLink® kit–purified gDNA are higher than those of any other method.

A. Purified DNA shows minimal shearing or degradation


B. High DNA yields and purity from up to 1 mL of blood

Figure 1. High yields of pure DNA from up to 1 mL of blood using the spin column-based PureLink® Genomic DNA Mini Kit. DNA was extracted from the indicated blood volumes using the PureLink® Genomic DNA Mini Kit. A. Purified gDNA (200 ng from each sample) was analyzed on a 1% E-Gel® agarose gel. B. DNA yields increased linearly with volume. In addition, the A260/A280 ratios were consistently 1.9 for all samples and replicates tested, indicating that all inhibitors are completely removed.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.