EMEA Virtual Workshop

Because the content in this workshop is updated anually, these recordings will be available for a limited time.

The goal is to better familiarize our users with key software functionality for HLA Fusion™ 4.4 and TypeStream™ Visual 2.0.1.  In addition, we will review challenging LABScreen™, AllType™, and LABType™ case studies, followed by a comprehensive presentation on HLA MatchMaker. On our final day, we offer a didactic discussion on the role of HLA Antibodies in transplantation by Donna Phelan, Technical Manager of the HLA lab at Barnes Jewish Hospital and St. Louis.


Day 1 |  HLA Fusion™ 4.4 – LABType™ Analysis Module        

  • Review of new features and other key functionality 
  • Challenging analysis case studies
  • Q&A 


Day 2 | TSV v2.0.1          

  • Review of new and key software functionality
  • Analysis case studies
  • Challenging reagent case studies focusing on product workflow
  • Q&A


Day 3 | HLA Fusion™ v4.4 – LABScreen™ Analysis Module

  • New features and Key Functionality
  • Case studies focusing on analysis, technique, and other difficult serum samples. ExPlex, C1q, and LS Autoantibody will also be covered
  • Q&A


Day 4 | HLA MatchMaker™

  • Comprehensive review of software functionality
  • Case studies focusing on both eplet analysis and eplet matching
  • Q&A


Day 5 | Antibodies in Transplantation, a clinical discussion lead by Donna Phelan

  • Role of HLA and non-HLA antibodies
  • Pre and Post-transplant monitoring
  • Donor prediction for both deceased and living
  • Virtual Crossmatching and case review