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Thermo Fisher Scientific and Pirche AG Join Forces to Improve Patient Care with Bi-Directional API Integration in HistoTrac Software

Through its user-friendly interface and comprehensive data management capabilities, One Lambda™ HistoTrac™ software, a leading information system for transplant patient management, data analysis, reporting, connectivity, and data archiving from Thermo Fisher Scientific, has enabled laboratories to optimize their operations and focus on delivering exceptional patient care. This latest collaboration with Pirche AG, the global leader in AI-powered molecular HLA matching and prediction analysis, aims to enhance workflow efficiency and further improve patient care by empowering health care providers and researchers to seamlessly access PIRCHE®'s advanced immunogenetic insights directly from within the HistoTrac platform.

Thermo Fisher and Pirche AG will officially launch the integrated bi-directional API at the 49th Annual Meeting for the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics to be held in San Antonio, Texas from October 16-20, 2023.

"The partnership with PIRCHE aligns perfectly with our commitment to elevating patient care,” said Nicole Brockway, President, Transplant Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “By integrating PIRCHE's cutting-edge bi-directional API into HistoTrac software, we are equipping our users with invaluable immunogenetic insights to improve diagnoses and treatments."

Thomas Klein, CEO of Pirche AG, shared similar enthusiasm, "Together, we will enhance patient care by seamlessly integrating our immunogenetic capabilities into HistoTrac software, empowering healthcare providers to harness the power of personalized medicine."

Beta testing is already well underway, and one user, Dr. Massimo Mangiola, Director of the NYU Langone Immunogenetics Laboratory, expressed his excitement about the integration. "Working with PIRCHE Technology Services to integrate their bi-directional API into our HistoTrac platform has been eye-opening. The potential of having advanced immunogenetic insights within an existing workflow allows for more personalized and effective patient care."


Article published: 2023 September 29

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