Antibody Detection


Crossmatch Testing with Selective Detection

Distinguish Leukocyte Antibodies from Autoantibodies

Our FlowDSA-XM assay is a flow cytometry-based crossmatch assay optimized for the detection of leukocyte antibodies. Combining traditional flow cytometry cellular crossmatch testing with the specificity of microbeads technology, the FlowDSA-XM test selectively distinguishes leukocyte antibodies, allowing you to obtain selective detection in the first run.

FlowDSA-XM advances the science of crossmatch testing by combining traditional flow cytometry with microbead technology. Together, these proven technologies selectively distinguish human leukocyte antigen antibodies from autoantibodies, allowing you to obtain selective detection in the first run.

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After incubating leukocytes with human serum, any bound IgG on the cell surface is tagged with PE labeled anti-human IgG. FlowDSA-XM Capture Beads bind selectively with the resulting antibody/antigen/PE-anti-IgG complex and the fluorescent intensity is measured to indicate the relative amount of human leukocyte antigen antibodies present in the serum.


FlowDSA-XM workflow step 1 add serum to lympocytes graphic

Add serum
to lymphocytes

FlowDSA-XM workflow step 2 wash graphic


FlowDSA-XM workflow step 3 add capture beads and lysis/stain buffer graphic

Add Capture Beads
and Lysis/Stain Buffer

FlowDSA-XM workflow step 4 wash graphic


FlowDSA-XM workflow step 5 read with flow cytometer graphic

Read with Flow Cytometer

FlowDSA-XM graphic key
  • Crossmatch testing that distinguishes leukocyte antibodies from autoantibodies
  • Compatible with most standard single-laser flow cytometers
  • Works with lymphocytes from fresh or frozen sources (peripheral blood, lymph nodes, or spleen)
  • Familiar workflow
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