HistoTrac Lab System

Your Solution to a Paperless Laboratory

What is the HistoTrac Software?

Our HistoTrac™ Software is a full laboratory management system for the HLA Laboratory.
HLA laboratories process thousands of tests daily and need to manage patient data, store test results, generate reports and track inventory. The HistoTrac software allows you to store and access this information in a single database as well as manage your billing, quickly build queries and generate reports.

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How does the HistoTrac Software system work?

This all-in-one system grows as your needs grow.

With a variety of modules, we can help you build a system to support your laboratory’s testing services. The Core Package is the center of the software, accommodating all the basic functions of the laboratory. Add modules, now or later, depending on your needs.

System Requirements

HistoTrac Database Server

Minimum Hardware Specifications

  • No additional requirements beyond the minimum requirements for SQL Server

Required Software

  • Microsoft SQL Server

Optional Software

  • If faxing, software such as WinFax
  • If writing additional reports, license for SAP® BusinessObjects®

HistoTrac User Workstation

Minimum Hardware Specifications

  • 733MHz Pentium III processor
  • 256MB memory
  • 50GB hard drive
  • VGA (1024x768 resolution) monitor
  • Ethernet adapter
  • Keyboard/mouse

Required Software

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or higher

Web Server

Minimum Hardware Specifications

  • 733MHz Pentium III processor
  • 256MB memory
  • 50GB hard drive
  • VGA (1024x768 resolution) monitor
  • Ethernet adapter
  • Keyboard/mouse

Required Software

  • Microsoft Windows 2016 server or higher
  • Internet Information Services 7.0 or greater


How can the HistoTrac software help manage HLA laboratory testing?

From managing workflows, reducing errors, and improving TAT, our software is the solution for your laboratory.

Manage Your Workflow

  • Migrate your legacy data to HistoTrac software for patient history continuity.
  • Build a tray map with ordered tests and worklists using patient information.
  • Manage your billing requirements with user-defined tests and billing codes.
  • Meet your specific needs with a custom software solution.

Provide Better Service

  • Use your data for Virtual Crossmatching and analyze Donor Specific Antibodies on one screen.
  • Answer questions quickly with a single database and query tool.
  • Provide web-based or remote access to employees and clients.
  • Customize reports to meet your needs.

Improve TAT

  • Save time by importing test details using Reagent Vendor Utilities.
  • Use electronic signature to sign off on reports from anywhere.
  • Use HL7 Interfaces for electronic reporting.

Secure Your Patient Data

  • Investigate data changes captured by the HIPAA auditor.
  • Establish data entry/editing restrictions.
  • Use permission-driven security for roles in the lab.

Reduce Errors

  • Manage laboratory functions with single data entry.
  • Export sample ID to and import results from reagent vendor software systems.
  • Maintain an up-to-date system with tools to keep your laboratory compliant with regulatory policies.
  • Use HL7 Interfaces to share information with your laboratory management system (LIS), healthcare information system (HIS) or transplant program.

Customize Your HistoTrac Software to Suit Your Laboratory

The software comes with standard configurations for solid organ and stem cell transplant laboratories, but every lab is different! We’ll help you configure the software to meet your lab’s unique needs.

Solid Organ Transplant Laboratory Configuration

  • Core Software for 6-10 users
  • Interface w/ Luminex antibody software
  • Interface w/ Flow Cytometry
  • Interface w/ SSO reagent vendor software
  • HistoTrac on the Web - Patient Viewer
  • Tube Labels using a label printer
  • Sample Mailing Package with tube labels
  • UNOS Export Unacceptables
  • UNOS Wait List Management
  • HL7 Interface with Patient Electronic Medical Record

Stem Cell Transplant Laboratory Configuration

  • Core Software for 11-15 users
  • Interfaces w/ SSO & SBT reagent vendor software
  • Tube Labels using a label printer
  • Microsatellite Testing Interface
  • NMDP Confirmatory Typing Reporting
  • User-Defined Test Classifications
  • Platelet Antibody Screening
  • KIR Gene Typing Interface
  • Reagent/Supply Inventory
  • Purchasing

Our HistoTrac software gets more done for your lab

Go beyond HistoTrac Core Software to accelerate your workflow.

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  • HistoTrac Core Software
  • Reagent Vendor Utilities (RVU)
  • HL7 Interface
  • UNOS Waitlist Management
  • UNOS Export Unacceptables
  • UNOS Final Crossmatch
  • NMDP Confirmatory Typing Export
  • Paired Kidney Exchange (PKE)
  • Data Conversion
  • Training and Implementation Services
  • Custom Reports & Development
  • System Maintenance