Transfusion Solutions


Mitigate serious complications of immunological reactions

Supporting the Screening Needs of Blood Banks and Medical Laboratory Professionals

One Lambda offers screening tests for use in the transfusion setting. Our assays are designed to facilitate blood genotyping and screen for antibodies with products that allow for an efficient workflow, including fast and simple data analysis and reporting.

Comprehensive blood genotyping with LinkSēq real-time PCR
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Blood Genotyping  ❯

Our LinkSēq blood products offer rapid genotyping of ABO and HPA to predict comprehensive phenotype profiles for red blood cells and platelets.

Stratify the risk of TRALI with LABScreen™ Multi
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Blood Screening   ❯

Our LABScreen Multi assay allows for simultaneous detection of HLA and HNA antibodies in a single well to efficiently stratify the risk of Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI).