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More than 100,000 people are on the organ donor wait list—here's who has the longest and shortest wait times
When non-surgical medical intervention is no longer enough for patients with missing or damaged organs, organ transplantation can become their best chance.
Thermo Fisher Scientific and Pirche AG Join Forces to Improve Patient Care with Bi-Directional API Integration in HistoTrac Software
Learn how Thermo Fisher Scientific is teaming up with Pirche AG to equip HistoTrac software users with advanced immunogenetic insights to improve patient diagnoses and treatments.
Thermo Fisher Scientific “Counting on You” Series Honored with Transplant Community Hero Award
Our “Counting on You” series won an Ava’s Heart Hero and One Legacy Inspire Award. The video campaign details the inspiring journeys of transplant patients in an effort to encourage organ donation.
Devyser and Thermo Fisher Scientific Expand Commercial Agreement to Brazil
Devyser and Thermo Fisher Scientific have agreed to expand the exclusive collaboration and distribution agreement for Devyser’s post-transplant portfolio of NGS products to Brazil.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inducted into the AST Circle of Excellence
Thermo Fisher Scientific continues its commitment to improve patient lives by encouraging and empowering its colleagues to become living donors.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Selected as the Transplantation Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center (T-SCCC) for the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Thermo Fisher's PPD supports NIAID's transplant research with advanced solutions and a new One Lambda Laboratory for improved patient outcomes and therapy development.
IVDR Compliance Achieved for One Lambda Devyser Post-Transplant Monitoring Products
These tests are the first of their kind to be approved under the new regulation that came into force in May 2022 and confirms One Lambda Devyser Chimerism and One Lambda Devyser Accept cfDNA meet established safety, efficacy, and quality requirements.
Video: Texas Immunodiagnostics Lab Adopts Innovative Test to Improve Transplant Outcomes
Watch this video to see how Southwest Immunodiagnostics in San Antonio, Texas, is using the LABScreen Single Antigen ExPlex assay to help improve the care given to, and lives of, transplant patients.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Gains Exclusive Rights to Market and Sell Devyser Post-Transplant Monitoring Products
This partnership will enable HLA labs to expand their test offering and advances our mission to improve the quality of life for transplant recipients and their families.
A Marvelous Gift: The Kidney Transplant Story of Two Friends
When Dayna and David met as college students, they never thought that 40 years later, Dayna would give David her kidney. Read the story of their kidney transplant journey and lifelong friendship.
Video: Expanded Antibody Detection: Closing the SAB Gap with the UT Health Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory
Dr. Kelley Hitchman and the Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory team at UT Health San Antonio discuss how they have expanded HLA antibody coverage to help close the SAB gap.
Video: Meeting the Need for Transplantation: UT Health San Antonio Lab Director Donates a Kidney to Save Lives
Dr. Kelley Hitchman with UT Health San Antonio shares her experience as a living kidney donor. In 2021, she helped more transplants occur by giving her kidney as a nondirected altruistic donor.
In the News: Valen Keefer received new kidney 20 years ago, transplant still going strong
Keefer and Dr. Lawrence are in Boston to attend the annual American Transplant Congress. Keefer hopes to encourage more Americans to become organ donors, and to serve as a resource for those facing future transplantation.
The Painted Turtle Helps Support Renal and Transplant Families
We’ve partnered with The Painted Turtle to support initiatives for renal and transplant families, and we hope you’ll do the same!