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Antibody Detection


Flow cytometric detection of HLA Class I and Class II antibodies.

The FlowPRA product line offers screening, specific antibody, and single antigen detection assays using flow cytometry. Both the FlowPRA Screening and Specific tests can assign Percent Panel Reactive Antibody (PRA), while FlowPRA Specific tests assign antibody specificity. FlowPRA Single Antigen tests assist in the analysis of specificities, especially in high PRA sera.

FlowPRA Screening

FlowPRA Screening Tests can be used as a first test to detect HLA antibodies and percent PRA in human sera using flow cytometry. Intended to detect HLA-specific antibodies for pre- and post-transplantation monitoring, FlowPRA Screening provides a comprehensive and accurate assay.

Antigen Coated Beads

Each of the FlowPRA Class I and Class II assays consist of a pool of 30 different bead preparations, representing all common antigens as well as many rare HLA alleles.

  • Class I and Class II antibodies can be screened separately or simultaneously
  • Reduces false positive reactions due to non-HLA antibodies
  • Panel coverage is equivalent to 30 different lymphocytes
  • Offers greater sensitivity than CDC-AHG
  • Works with most commercial flow cytometers

FlowPRA™ Single Antigen  

Practical for identifying acceptable antigens prior to a solid organ transplant and for pre- and post-transplant screening, the FlowPRA Single Antigen products were created to profile high PRA patients using flow cytometry. Each bead is designed to react specifically to HLA Class I and HLA Class II antibodies, distinguished by different fluorescent properties leaving no concern for cross reactivity.

Antigen Coated Beads

Our collection of FlowPRA reagents in Class I and Class II consists of a pool of 32 beads, separated into 4 groups, each coated with different antigens. Control beads are also included to demonstrate test reliability and inclusion of common HLA antigens provides optimal profiling for high PRA patients. Additionally, six supplemental groups of Class I single antigen beads offer extra specificities for antibody screening.

  • Quickly identifies Class I and Class II HLA antibodies in high PRA patients
  • Identifies negative or safe antigens, even for high PRA patients
  • Confirms specificity by replacing dilution and absorption as strategies
  • Clarifies ambiguous results
  • Clarifies analysis of antibodies reactive to one or several dominant epitopes

FlowPRA™ Specific

These assays calculate percent PRA and identifies specific HLA antibody with accuracy, using flow cytometry. Each test consists of a panel of 32 FlowPRA Specific Class I and Class II beads, each coated with different purified Class I or Class II antigens from human cell lines. The beads are divided into four HLA groups, eight beads in a collection. A serum sample must be tested separately with each group of beads to complete the bead panel analysis of the HLA Class I or Class II antibodies in that serum.

  • Only four reactions needed for a complete analysis
  • No false positive reactions due to non-HLA antibodies
  • No frozen panels to maintain and no viability problems
  • Comprehensive analysis - achieved with purified HLA Class I or Class II HLA antigens
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