Sequencing in a Single Workday AllType™ NGS Multipexing

NGS Based Genotyping with Fast Turnaround From the Leader in HLA

The AllType all-in-one reaction reduces the probability of error, eliminates the need for sample prep automation, and offers additional advantages in efficiency, ease-of-use, and overall turnaround time. AllType™ NGS assays offer a complete NGS solution that delivers unambiguous, high-resolution genotyping results in less than three days. 

  • One multiplex PCR reaction per sample
  • No amplicon pooling; direct to library preparation
  • Multiplex amplification of all Class I and Class II loci in only 2.5 hours
  • Suitable for low and high volume laboratories

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Why Choose the AllType FASTplex NGS Solution?

Streamlined Next Generation Sequencing Solution

Our AllType NGS Assay represents the latest in long-range multiplex PCR technology. By amplifying all major Class I and Class II loci in a single PCR reaction, AllType completely removes the need for amplicon pooling and allows samples to be transferred directly to library preparation and made ready for sequencing in a single workday.

The AllType workflow offers the flexibility of platform-specific barcoding to allow for sequencing on the Ion GeneStudio S5 and Illumina MiSeq platforms. The speed and automation of the Ion Chef and GeneStudio S5 System delivers efficiency and reliability while TypeStream™ Visual, our state-of-the-art data analysis software, automates genotyping to further shorten time-to-results.y.


Flexible Workflow – Sample to Results in Less Than Three Days

The AllType NGS 11-Loci Amplification Kit amplifies all eleven Class I and Class II loci in a single tube multiplex reaction in only 2.5 hours. The AllType workflow application is completely platform flexible and allows for sequencing using barcode adapters specific for your platform of choice.

AllType FASTplex flexible 2-day workflow for Illumina
Multiplex Gene Coverage for AllType FASTplex and AllType NGS Assays
Ion GeneStudio S5 System

AllType final library pools are labeled using Ion Xpress barcodes and loaded onto the Ion Chef System on day one. Isothermal amplification, enrichment and chip-loading is completed overnight and sequenced the following morning on the Ion GeneStudio S5 System. Sequencing and base calling is completed the same day in less than 5 hours from start to finish.

  • Shorten instrument setup time to < 5 minutes
  • Automated template preparation in < 7 hours 
  • Complete sequencing in < 5 hours 
  • Report genotyping results in < 3 days 
  • Suitable for low and high volume laboratories
  • Shorten time to results with automated genotyping 
  • Get One Lambda front line support for the entire workflow
Illumina MiSeq System

AllType final library pools are labeled using AllType Index Flex barcodes, loaded onto the Illumina MiSeq on day one and run overnight. Bridge amplification, sequencing and base calling is accomplished on the Illumina MiSeq in a period of approximately 24 hours from start to finish.

  • Shorten instrument setup time to < 15 minutes 
  • Automated onboard template preparation 
  • Complete sequencing in < 24 hours 
  • Report genotyping results in < 3 days 
  • Process up to 48 samples in a single run
TypeStream Visual NGS Analysis Software

TypeStream™ Visual (TSV) is a new NGS software solution that offers fully automated analysis of both single read and paired-end sequencing data, giving it the flexibility to analyze input from either major NGS platform.

The TSV software suite includes a wide range of analytical tools, run statistics and quality metrics that facilitates examination and reinforces decision making.

  • Fully automated analysis 
  • Supports analysis of single read and paired-end sequencing data 
  • No network access required 
  • Data integration with HLA Fusion™ Research combines high resolution genotyping with:  Sample Records, Antibody Tracking, Combined Analysis, Reporting 
  • Genotyping and variant calling algorithms exceed 99.7% concordance

Expert NGS Genotyping Support

As the leader in HLA for over 30 years, we provide comprehensive hands-on user training and unparalleled customer support. Our NGS Workshops introduce researchers to next-generation sequencing technology and allow users to practice the entire workflow. Our Field Applications Team offers expert NGS genotyping support for more advanced users. Our customers are our number one priority and we're proud to support the complete NGS workflow from reagents to instruments and software. We're here for you every step of the way.

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Educational Resources about AllType NGS


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AllType™ FASTplex™ v2: Our HLA Laboratory Experience | Ahmed Mostafa
Recorded: SEP 28, 2021
Discover how NGS and antibody detection can be combined for broader applications, including virtual crossmatching, to support changes to the kidney allocation system.
Adapting Laboratory Diagnostics to a Changing Landscape
Recorded: SEP 28, 2021
Discover how NGS and antibody detection can be combined for broader applications, including virtual crossmatching, to support changes to the kidney allocation system.
Review of AllType FASTplex™ NGS assay & TypeStream Visual NGS Analysis Software v2.1
Recorded: SEP 27, 2021
In-depth review of our new AllType™ FASTplex™ NGS assay v2 protocol as well as our updated version of TypeStream™ Visual NGS Analysis Software v2.1
Advanced Virtual Workshop Series
Recorded: MAR 21 - JUN 30, 2021
Learn how to process samples using LABType, LABScreen, AllType, and LinkSeq products as well as how to create custom analysis reports using HLA Fusion, TypeStream, and SureTyper software.
AVWS | AllType & AllType FASTplex
Recorded: MAR 25, 2021
Our instructors provide an introduction to our AllType and AllType FASTplex products plus an examination of challenging NGS case studies.
AVWS | TypeStream Visual 2.0.1
Recorded: MAR 24, 2021
Learn data reporting and exporting, comparing results, plus new features like NGS configurations for analysis parameters, customizable health metrics.
Increasing Access to Transplantation for the Highly Sensitized Patient: Combining the Latest Innovations in HLA Typing, Antibody Detection and Data Analysis.
Recorded: OCT 18, 2020
We explore how the evolution of more efficient NGS workflows and advanced Single Antigen assays with extended allele coverage can improve analysis with Epitope Matching and Virtual Crossmatching.
Upload Reference Files in TypeStream™ Visual 2.0
Recorded: SEP 23, 2020
This is a simple tutorial on where to locate and how to download files for TSV analysis.
Introduction to the AllType™ FASTplex™ Protocol | Peter Brescia
Recorded: MAY 18, 2020
Learn about the streamlined Illumina workflow and kit configuration of the newest AllType FASTplex NGS protocol, and discover how your run step will be simplified with our new Calculator Tool.
Allele-specific DSA: Lessons from SAB and NGS
Recorded: FEB 27, 2020
Dr. Morris explores the limitations of solid-organ HLA genotyping methods that may preclude DSA identification and discussed various approaches for monitoring allele-specific anti-HLA antibodies. 
AllType™ Next Generation Sequencing – Easy Integration and Future Innovation
Recorded: JUL 22, 2019
Elizabeth Wroe showcased the NHSBT’s rigorous selection criteria and provided an in-depth look of the lab’s integration of the AllType NGS assay into routine laboratory practice.
Analyzing the AllType™ NGS Assay using TypeStream™ Visual Software - Version 1.2
Recorded: JUN 11, 2018
The course introduces the TypeStream Visual Software and guides you through the analysis of various samples including one "Typical Case" and several "Special Cases".
Validation of HLA Typing by NGS
Recorded: MAY 23, 2018
Includes a summary of NGS validation procedures, in-depth analysis of quality control measures, as well as pre-implementation cost analysis and preparation of the ASHI submission packet.