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The Role of the HLA Laboratory for The Painted Turtle

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In this presentation for The Painted Turtle, Dr. Dave Lowe gives patients and families a brief overview of the role that the HLA laboratory plays in transplantation.

Topics Covered:

00:00 - Introduction

01:08 - The HLA Laboratory

02:17 - What is HLA

05:34 - How do we perform HLA typing?

06:35 - HLA Inheritance

08:00 - HLA Antibodies

10:40 - Testing for Antibodies Before Transplant

13:41 - Testing for Antibodies After Transplant

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The Role of the HLA Laboratory (for The Painted Turtle)

Dave Lowe, PhD
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Transplant Diagnostics, West Hills, CA

Jun 19, 2020