File Upload RNA Tube Custom Order

Use the friendly Excel Sequence Template to upload multiple custom RNA oligo sequences at a time. Enter your sequence information, save it as .xls, .csv or .txt and then upload it below.

The online oligo order system accepts Excel files (.xls/.xlsx) and comma (.csv) or tab delimited (.txt) files.

Before you upload your order:

Use the "Browse" button to locate the data file on your computer. Once you have selected your file, use the "Upload" button to load it and continue with your order. You will then be directed to a summary page and have the opportunity to edit or remove the sequences before adding to the saved cart.


Copy/Paste Upload

Copy your sequence information from your saved spreadsheet file and then paste the data into the box provided below OR individually enter the sequence information (one record per line, comma delimited, no spaces).

EXAMPLE # 1 for Basic RNA Type: RNASequence,3'Overhang,PrimerName,ResearcherName,Scale,5'Mod,3'Mod,Purification,Format,Memo

EXAMPLE # 2 for Stealth RNA Type: RNASequence,PrimerName,ResearcherName,Scale,Purification,Format,Memo