Analysis of Yeast
   Antibodies & Secondary Detection Reagents
      Primary Antibodies » Protein Specific Primary Antibodies
Product Name SKU # Reactivity Product Size Price USD Qty
Carboxypeptidase Y Monoclonal Antibody (10A5B5)  A-6428 Yeast 250 µg 406.00
DPM1 Monoclonal Antibody (5C5A7)  A-6429 Yeast 250 µg 382.00
MTCO2 Monoclonal Antibody (12C4F12)  A-6404 Human 100 µg 381.00
PEP12 Monoclonal Antibody (2C3G4)  A-21273 Yeast 50 µg 382.00
V-ATPase 60 kDa subunit Monoclonal Antibody (13D11B2)  A-6427 Yeast 250 µg 382.00
   Kits and Assays

Kits and Assays

      Cell Analysis Kits » Cell Viability Kits
Product Name SKU # Compatible Cells Product Size Price USD Qty
FUN™ 1 Cell Stain  F-7030
 Compatible Cells
  •   Fungal Cells
  •   Yeast Cells
Fungal Cells
100 µL 245.00
LIVE/DEAD™ FungaLight™ Yeast Viability Kit, for flow cytometry  L34952 Yeast Cells 1 kit 457.00
LIVE/DEAD™ Yeast Viability Kit  L-7009 Yeast Cells 1 kit 536.00
      Cell Analysis Kits » Cell Vitality Assay Kits
Product Name SKU # Product Size Price USD Qty
FungaLight™ Yeast CFDA, AM/Propidium Iodide Vitality Kit  F34953 1 kit 481.00
   Labeling & Detection Products
      Cell Stains » Organelle Stains
Product Name SKU # Product Size Price USD Qty
Yeast Mitochondrial Stain Sampler Kit  Y-7530 1 kit 304.00
Yeast Vacuole Marker Sampler Kit  Y-7531 1 kit 319.00
Yeast Vacuole Membrane Marker MDY-64  Y-7536 1 mg 189.00