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Axiom™ myDesign™ TG Array, 1K-90K

Catalog number:  000918

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With the Axiom™ myDesign™ TG Array Plate, 1K-90K, you can create fully customizable genotyping array panels for genome-wide association, replication, fine mapping, and candidate gene studies. Based on the universal workflow of the Genotyping Solution, myDesign Arrays offer unprecedented scale and flexibility to design the most optimal array for your species of interest.

The Array Plate contains one 24-array plate containing between 1,000 and 90,000 markers, in a 1x24 configuration (Minimum order size of 480 samples). An example template showing SNP submission can be found here.

The Expert Design Program enables a consortium of researchers to design genotyping arrays for their species of interest with de novo SNPs or SNPs from the Axiom™ Genomic Database. Consortia members interested in developing a new array can contact us for design consultation.

myDesign Custom Arrays feature:
Low minimums – Custom arrays for as few as 480 samples; small repeat orders at attractive prices
Flexible content – Fully customizable panels focused on your SNPs of interest; multiple species on one array supported
Consistent supply – Get 100% identical SNP content at any time and for as long as your research necessitates
High precision – Every SNP is manufactured with a high degree of precision using photolithographic templates
More marker selection freedom – Interfering SNPs can be as close as 10 bases from candidate SNPs
Cost effective – High return on investment; attractive pricing without requiring large consortium volumes

myDesign Arrays are available in formats suitable for the appropriate number of markers:
384HT myDesign Custom Arrays – 1,500 to 50,000 markers per array. 384 arrays per plate
myDesign Targeted Genotyping (TG) Arrays – 1,500 to 200,000 markers per array for targeted genotyping in applications in genotype-trait association, genomic selection, and screening; 96 or 24 arrays per plate
myDesign Genome-Wide (GW) Arrays – 200,000 to 2.6 million SNPs for validation and genome-wide association studies; 96 or 24 arrays per plate; multiple array designs can be used for large studies

myDesign Genotyping Arrays include:
Axiom 2.0 Reagent Kit for automated or manual processing of up to 96 samples or Axiom 2.0 384HT Reagent Kit for processing 384 samples
• A fully automated workflow with validated robotics methods for target preparation and array processing based on the Beckman Biomek™ FXP Target Prep Express System and a GeneTitan MC Instrument.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Array Format: array plate
Array Type: Copy Number,Genotyping
Number of Arrays: 24 arrays
Number of Markers: 1,000 - 90,000 markers
Product Size: 1 x 24-array plate
Species: Human