Thermo Scientific™

Variable Compensation Objectives

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Industrial & Applied Science

The Thermo Scientific™ Variable Compensation Objectives correct for spherical aberration caused when infrared windows are placed above the sample (up to 3mm in thickness), or when the Micro Compression Cell (Part No. 0045-434) is used.
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Unique design for variable focal plane

Accommodates Slide-On ATR Objective accessory

Easily purged

15X Reflachromat Objective

0.58 N.A.

Working distance: up to 15mm (with the purge baffle removed)

Can also be used for ATR microscopy when used with the Slide-On ATR Attachment, purchased separately

32X Reflachromat Objective

0.65 N.A.

Working distance: 8mm Increased magnification makes it easier to define small sample areas

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