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ZipChip™ Assay Kits

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Industrial & Applied Science

Reduce error and enjoy the convenience of prepackaged ZipChip™ Assay Kits. These kits are for use with the ZipChip Interface, with or without the ZipChip Autosampler. Each ZipChip Assay Kit contains 5 bottles of background electrolyte and sample diluents, which is sufficient for 500 sample injections. A bottle can be directly loaded into ZipChip Autosampler for automated use and matching to a 96-well plate run. Different kits have been optimized for peptides, intact antibody, and metabolites analyses.

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Three types of pre-packed ZipChip Assay Kits are customized for analyses of intact proteins, pepetides, and metabolites

  • Total of 500-sample capacity per kit
  • 5 individual bottles with 100 sample capacity each (designed to match to 96-well plate sampling) can be directly loaded into ZipChip autosampler