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TriPlus™ RSH Autosampler and Liquid Handling System

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Maximize your productivity by processing large numbers of LC/MS samples quickly and reliably with the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH Autosampler and Liquid Handling System. This autosampler, which is equipped with Robotic Tool Change (RTC), takes liquid handling and sample preparation to the next level by automating switching between many different tools. The RTC enables unattended 24/7 operations, even for multistep workflows, by transferring repetitive time-consuming manual tasks to a robotic platform.

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For liquid handling and sample preparation processes requiring different tools, the TriPlus RSH Autosampler and Liquid Handling System improves productivity and reduces sample handling time thanks to its automated and precision-driven RTC. The TriPlus RSH Autosampler and Liquid Handling System eliminates the manual labor and downtime traditionally required for time-consuming steps such as standard or stock sample dilution, or internal standard addition.

Other system benefits include:

  • Flexible capacity: 324 x 1mL, 162 x 2mL, 60 x 10mL, or 20mL vials, as well as other vial types and microtiter plates, can be loaded onto the temperature-controlled stack.
  • High throughput: Load up to 9216 samples from 24-microtiter plates with an optional six-drawer stack.
  • Missing vials and correct positioning of the injector are tracked.
  • Monitoring of the temperature-controlled stack ensures that the drawer is in the correct position and the temperature is logged.
  • Meet any application need with simple liquid injection to complete workflows. Augment preparation capabilities by increasing sample capacity or adding modules.
User friendly
  • System seamlessly interfaces with Thermo Scientific™ Xcalibur™ software so data acquisition starts quickly.
  • Use or optimize pre-developed methods with the optional PAL Method Composer.

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