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Dionex™ AminoPac™ PA1 IC Columns

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Industrial & Applied Science

For specialized amino acid applications with postcolumn derivatization, choose the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ AminoPac™ PA1 Analytical and Guard Column. The Dionex AminoPac PA1 is a high-speed, pellicular, strong, anion-exchange column. It delivers high-efficiency separations as a result of its nonporous core particle. Its strong anion-exchange characteristics result from agglomerating surface MicroBead™ particles that are functionalized with the quaternary ammonium groups, resulting in a higher capacity than typically offered by nonporous resins.

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Engineered for Superior Chromatographic Performance

The anion-exchange selectivity of the Dionex AminoPac PA1 Column can be used to resolve peaks that cannot be resolved using a cation-exchange column. For example, O-phosphorylated amino acids are resolved and eluted near the end of a hydrolysate chromatogram. Arogenic acid, a precursor to tyrosine and phenylalanine, decomposes under the acidic conditions required for cation-exchange separation or PITC derivatization, but it is stable in alkaline eluents used with the Dionex AminoPac PA1 Column.

The AminoPac PA1 Column is particularly well suited for acidic and acid-labile amino acids and for amino acid pairs not completely resolved by cation-exchange chromatography. Specifically, the Dionex AminoPac PA1 Column:

  • Resolves phosphorylated and other amino acids by anion-exchange chromatography
  • Separates acid-labile amino acids under basic pH conditions
  • Separates strongly acidic amino acids
  • Requires OPA of ninhydrin postcolumn derivatization

About Dionex AminoPac Amino Acid Columns

Thermo Scientific offers two approaches to amino acid analysis: anion-exchange separation by our Dionex AAA-Direct amino acid analyzer system, in which amino acids are detected directly without the need for derivatization; and anion-exchange separation with postcolumn derivatization.

  • Dionex AminoPac PA10 Columns separate free amino acids without the need for derivatization.
  • Dionex AminoPac PA1 Columns separate free amino acids with derivatization.
  • Both columns are compatible with solvent, high pH, and high temperatures.
  • Both columns facilitate easy scale-up.

Dionex AminoPac columns are used for high-resolution separations of free amino acids as well as for separation and detection of a wide range of sugars, phosphorylated amino acids, and common oxidation products of sulfur-containing amino acids.

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