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Thermo Scientific™

Dionex™ MetPac™ CC-1 Cation Concentrator

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Industrial Chromatography

Use the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ MetPac™ CC-1 Cation Concentrator in chelation IC and IC-ICP to concentrate cationic transition metals from high-ionic-strength matrices. This concentrator has high selectivity for transition and lanthanide elements relative to the alkali and alkaline-earth metals, thus permitting their concentration from sample matrices which have high concentrations of alkali, alkaline-earth metals, acids or bases. Matrices include natural waters, seawaters, salts, acids, bases and acid-digested biological and geological materials.
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Specially designed for concentration of transition and lanthanide elements
  • Quantitative analysis: Ti(IV), Cd(II), V(IV,V), In(III), Cr(III), Y(III), Mn(II), Lanthanides, Fe(II,III), Hg (II), Co(II), Pb(II), Ni(II), Al(III), Cu(II)
  • Qualitative analysis: Tl (I,III), Zn(II), AS(III,V), Ag(I), Se(IV,VI)
  • Capacity: 0.4 μeq/column
  • Maximum pressure: 1,500 psi
  • Maximum flow rate: 4.0mL/min
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