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Capitol Vial EPA Water Testing Vials

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Tubes and Vials

Capitol Vial EPA Water Testing Vials are ideal for water testing for coliform bacteria. The container features a Security-Snap flip top lid providing tamper-evidence before and after sample collection. Guaranteed airtight seal.

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  • Polypropylene flip-top container for one-hand operation with lock and seal lid design
  • High Clarity Vial
  • Sterile
  • Available pre-charged with a 10 mg sodium thiosulfate tablet for sample dechlorination, or without a tablet for unchlorinated water sources
  • 100 mL (±2.5 mL) fill line
  • One full inch of headspace above the fill line to facilitate mixing
  • Break-away seal provides evidence of unbroken sterility prior to opening the bottle
  • Custody seal strap secures the Security-Snap lid, provides tamper evidence and eliminates the potential for accidental opening after sampling and during shipment to the lab