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Dionex™ IonPac™ ICE-Borate IC Columns

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Industrial Chromatography

Quickly and easily monitor trace levels of borate in high-purity water samples with the sensitive and trouble-free Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ ICE-Borate Ion-Exclusion Column. Used with the Dionex IonPac TBC-1 Borate Concentrator Column and conductivity detection, the Dionex IonPac ICE-Borate ion-exclusion column facilitates determination of borate at ng/L (ppt) concentrations. Borate is separated and detected as the mannitol complex.
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Determine Trace-Level Boron in Ultrapure Water

Borate is one of the most weakly retained anions on anion-exchange materials, and is the first to break through many water purification systems. In the power generation and semiconductor industries, monitoring trace levels of borate is a measure of the efficiency of the water system. This ion-exclusion method coupled with suppressed conductivity detection offers an integrated solution fo this application.

Practial, Continous Monitoring

This easy to use borate chromatographic system significantly improves the practicality and reliability of trace borate determinations.The sample is first passed over the Dionex IonPac TBC-1 Concentrator Column. After sample concentration, the analytical column is switched in-line for elution and detection.

Increased Sensitivity with Suppressed Conductivity Detection
  • The analytical column should be used with the Dionex Anion MicroMembrane™ Ion-Exclusion Suppressor (AMMS™ ICE 300), which is a low-void volume, high-capacity eluent suppressor.
  • The AMMS™ ICE 300 suppressor reduces the background conductivity of the eluent, while increasing the conductivity of the analytes.
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