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Dionex™ AES™ Atlas™ Electrolytic Suppressor

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Industrial & Applied Science

Get higher sensitivity and lower noise for your ion separations—especially when using carbonate eluents—with the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ AES™ Atlas™ Electrolytic Suppressor. You won’t have to mix regenerants; this suppressor relies on electrolysis for automatic, continuous regeneration.
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The AES Atlas Electrolytic Suppressor reduces eluent background and enhances analyte response through efficient exchange of eluent counterions for regenerant ions. Its technology uses a suppression bed composed of ion-exchange monolith and flow-distribution disks, along with Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ MonoDisc™ and AutoSuppression™ products.

High-Performance Noise Suppression for Carbonate Eluents:
  • Suppression for eluents up to 25μeq/min
  • Low background conductivity
  • Excellent baseline stability
  • Very fast startup and equilibration
  • Easy-to-use, maintenance-free operation