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Dionex™ IonPac™ AS19 IC Columns

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Industrial Chromatography

Measure trace bromate and other oxyhalides in drinking water, ground water, wastewater, and other diverse sample matrices with Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ AS19 Capillary, Analytical & Guard Columns. The column is specifically designed and recommended for determination of trace bromate, a toxic byproduct of ozone disinfection. The column's high capacity and selectivity facilitate the determination of bromate in drinking water at the low-µg/L level. The Dionex IonPac AS19 columns meet the performance requirements of U.S. EPA Methods 300.0 and 300.1.
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Reduce Operating Costs With our New Capillary Column

The Dionex IonPac AS19 Capillary column is packed with the same material as the equivalent standard bore version (providing the same performance as a 4 mm column), but requires only 1/100th the eluent flow rate. The capillary format provides the advantage of significantly reduced eluent consumption, which helps reduce operating costs.

Superior Chromatographic Performance
  • High capacity: 240µeq per column (4x250mm)
  • Operates at ambient or elevated temperatures with column selectivity optimized for 30°C
  • Compatible with organic solvents
  • Low background signal and enhanced analyte sensitivity when using the Thermo Scientific™
  • Dionex™ Anion Self-Regenerating Suppressor (ASRS™ 300) and a Reagent-Free™ (RFIC™) system
  • Analyze a Wide Range of Oxyhalides and Inorganic Anions
  • Oxyhalides and common inorganic anions including fluoride, chlorite, bromate, chloride, nitrite, bromide, chlorate, nitrate, phosphate, and sulfate in drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, and other diverse sample matrices.
  • Analyzes most drinking water without the use of sample pretreatment or preconcentration.
  • Ideal when used with a Reagent-Free™ Ion Chromatography (RFIC)™ system for automatic eluent generation
Designed for Detection of Trace Bromate

The key application for this column is the determination of trace bromate in drinking water matrices using a potassium hydroxide gradient with suppressed conductivity detection. The column's selectivity ensures that bromate can be quantified at low µg/L concentrations using suppressed conductivity detection even in the presence of very high concentrations of chloride, sulfate, and carbonate.

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