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Thermo Scientific™

Dionex™ OnGuard™ II Ba/Ag/H Cartridges, 2.5mL

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Industrial Chromatography

Remove high levels of alkaline earth and transition metals, neutralize caustic samples, and remove carbonate using this off-line sample preparation technique. The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ OnGuard™ II Ba/Ag/H Cartridge layers three styrene-based, sulfonic acid resins to improve performance of ion chromatography (IC) and facilitate trace analysis. Use them singly or in series, or pretreat up to 12 samples in parallel using the optional Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ OnGuard™ Sample Prep Station.
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This cartridge is ideal for the removal of high levels of alkaline earth and transition metals from sample matrices, neutralization of caustic samples, and removal of carbonate.
  • The Ba resin removes high concentrations of sulfate from sample matrices
  • The Ag form easily removes chloride, bromide, and iodide from concentrated matrices
  • The H form is highly selective for polyvalent cations such as calcium and transition metals
This three-layer cartridge can be used in place of three single cartridges in series and has the added advantage of higher silver capacity

Solve Tough Application Problems
  • Boost sensitivity, lower baselines, and get better separations
  • Achieve reproducible trace-level determinations in concentrated matrices
  • Increase the lifetime of your analytical columns
  • Use for a wide range of matrices thanks to wide pH stability
  • Supports applications with choice of 2.5cc formats, as well as syringe barrel format for robotic processing (custom order)
Easy to Use, Leak-Free
  • Leak-free, no-channeling cartridge
  • Quick, secure Luer inlet connections
Performance Guaranteed
  • Ships with a Certificate of Analysis that verifies capacity, performance and cleanliness
Pretreat 12 samples simultaneously
  • Use the optional Dionex OnGuard Sample Prep Station and OnGuard Sample Pretreatment Cartridges