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Thermo Scientific™

Dionex™ InGuard™ HRP Cartridges

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Industrial Chromatography

Simplify complex applications while improving ion chromatography (IC) performance by automatically removing matrix interferences such as cations (including transition metals), anions, or hydrophobic substances with Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ InGuard™ HRP Cartridges. Installed in line between the autosampler and IC injection valve, Dionex InGuard HRP cartridges contain a hydrophilic, reversed-phase resin based on divinylbenzene that can be used to remove organic matrix material over a wide range of hydrophobicity.
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Dionex InGuard HRP Cartridges are ideal for the removal of organic matrix material over a wide range of hydrophobicity including fats from whole milk. The resin is water-wettable; therefore, 100% aqueous samples can be pretreated without disruption of the column bed.

Tough Application Challenges Solved Automatically

  • Time-saving, in-line sample pretreatment
  • Simplified, automated workflow; elimination of manual steps
  • Reproducible PPM-level determinations in concentrated matrices
  • Difficult matrix problems solved for better separations
  • Increased analytical column lifetimes

Robust, Easy-to-Use Design

  • Convenient 9x24mm cartridges
  • Easy installation with standard 10-32 connections
  • Leak-free, no-channeling cartridge design
  • Used singly or in a series with other Dionex InGuard cartridges to suit the application
  • Can be regenerated for reuse depending on the chemistries and samples used

Dionex InGuard HRP Sample Pretreatment Cartridge Specifications

  • Functionality: Hydrophilic divinylbenzene
  • Capacity: 2g
  • Solvents: 0-100% HPLC
  • pH range: 0-14
  • Mode: Adsorption, π-π bonding; removal of hydrophobic species, azo-, and cyano-containing species
  • Available in packages of four
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