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Thermo Scientific™

Dionex™ SRD-10 Suppressor Regenerant Detector

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Industrial Chromatography

Protect your suppressor and make every run count when using external water or chemical regenerant mode. The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ SRD-10 Suppressor Regenerant Detector automatically disables the eluent pump if the suppressor regenerant flow stops or slows, preventing damage to the suppressor or a wasted ion chromatography (IC) run.
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Simple Peace of Mind
  • Easy-to-use, stand-alone device
  • Set-and-forget operation; continuously monitors regenerant flow and automatically shuts off the eluent pump via a TTL command if regenerant flow is restricted or stops
Protection Where You Need It
  • The Dionex™ SRS™ Self-Regenerating Suppressor is designed for use with these applications:
  • Dionex™ SRS™ 300 Self-Regenerating Suppressor operated in external water mode
  • Dionex™ MMS™ 300 MicroMembrane™ Suppressor operated in chemical regenerant mode
Prevent Suppressor Damage
In external water mode, if the water supply is stopped or depleted, the IC system can continue to operate and current can be applied to the suppressor even after regenerant flow stops. Unless the current is turned off, this will quickly cause irreversible damage to the Dionex SRS Self-Regenerating Suppressor. In chemical regenerant mode, running out of regenerant will not damage the Dionex MMS MicroMembrane Suppressor, but it will adversely affect the chromatographic run. In both cases, the Dionex SRD-10 Suppressor Regenerant Detector will stop the run and shut off the SRS suppressor if needed, preventing suppressor damage and saving eluent and samples.
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