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Thermo Scientific™

Dionex™ IonPac™ AS24A Capillary, Analytical & Guard Columns

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Industrial & Applied Science

Separate haloacetic acids and bromate in drinking water samples with high sensitivity using the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ AS24A column. When this high-capacity hydroxide-selective anion-exchange column is used for the first dimension of separation in the two dimensional IC (2D-IC) method, low µg/L (ppb) levels of haloacetic acids can be detected. The Dionex IonPac AS24A column is also ideal for the development of specialized applications, providing excellent separation of environmental anions including inorganic anions, oxyhalides, oxyanions, and organic acids in complex matrices.
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Optimized for 2D-IC Determination of Haloacetic Acids
  • Designed for separation using the Dionex IonPac AS24A 4x250mm column for the first dimension prior to using the Dionex IonPac AS26 capillary column for the second dimension
  • Minimal baseline shifts and enhanced analyte sensitivity can be obtained using the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Anion Self-Regenerating Suppressor (ASRS™ 300)
Increase Mass Sensitivity and Conserve Eluent

The Dionex IonPac AS24A Capillary column offers users excellent retention time and reproducibility in addition to increased mass sensitivity and eluent conservation.

Superior Chromatographic Performance
  • High capacity–560µeq per column (4x250mm)–allows injection of complex matrices without overloading the column while maintaining excellent peak shapes for lower concentration analytes
  • Sample pretreatment is not required when determining haloacetic acids in high-ionic strength matrices
  • The column is ideal for development of specialized applications using Reagent-Free™ Ion Chromatography (RFIC™) systems with gradient elution.
  • Can be operated at ambient or elevated temperatures; selectivity is optimized for a 15ºC operating temperature to ensure reproducible recovery for haloacetic acids
  • Compatibility with HPLC organic solvents provides operational flexibility and ease of cleanup
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