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Dionex™ IonPac™ ICE-AS6 IC Columns

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Industrial Chromatography

For fast analysis of aliphatic organic acids and alcohols in complex or high-ionic strength samples, the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ ICE-AS6 Analytical & Guard Column delivers consistent, reliable results. The column uses a moderately hydrophilic resin functionalized with sulfonic acid groups and carboxylic acid groups for increased selectivity in the determination of aliphatic organic acids and alcohols in samples that include food and beverage products, biological samples, industrial process liquors, and wastewater.
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Note: The high-capacity Dionex IonPac AS11-HC column is now recommended for determination of  organic acids and inorganic anions in complex sample matrices or uncharacterized samples.

Superior Chromatographic Performance

The Dionex IonPac ICE-AS6 provides improved peak efficiencies and selectivity for carboxylic acids and alcohols. Specifically, it:
  • Separates weakly ionized acids by differences in pKa, size, and hydrophobicity
  • Elutes strong acid anions (e.g, chloride and sulfate) into the void so they do not interfere with quantification of organic acids
  • Achieves difficult separations, including tartrate from citrate, glycolate from lactate and formate, lactate from malate, and formate from succinate
  • Is compatible with any typical strong acid eluent and a wide variety of detectors, including  amperometry, photometry, and refractive index
  • Uses HPLC solvents to control hydrophobic retention of higher- molecular-weight acids or for effective column cleanup
Increased Sensitivity with Suppressed Conductivity Detection
  • Dionex IonPac ICE-AS1 column should be used with the Dionex Anion MicroMembrane™ Ion-Exclusion Suppressor (AMMS™ ICE 300), which is a low-void volume, high-capacity eluent suppressor.
  • The AMMS™ ICE 300 suppressor reduces the background conductivity of the eluent, while increasing the conductivity of the analytes.
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