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Thermo Scientific™

Dionex™ IonPac™ SCS 1 Silica Cation Separator Columns, 2 x 250mm

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Industrial & Applied Science

For nonsuppressed conductivity detection or single-column ion chromatography (SCIC), choose the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex IonPac SCS 1 Silica Cation Separator Column. This column is particularly suited for analysis of the common inorganic cations, ammonium, select alkanolamines, and transition metals such as zinc and copper. It is the recommended column when extended calibration linearity for ammonium or alkanolamines is required.
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Unique Carboxylate Cation Exchanger

The Dionex IonPac SCS 1 Silica Cation Separator column is a unique hydrophilic, low-capacity, weak cation exchanger designed for cation determinations using nonsuppressed conductivity detection. Its substrate is silica-based poly (butadiene-maleic acid) with a particle diameter of 4.5μm. The substrate bead is coated with a unique carboxylic acid functionalized layer. The Dionex IonPac SCS 1 column can be used with eluents of pH 2–7 and is compatible with typical organic solvents (such as acetonitrile and acetone) at concentration levels up to 100%. NOTE: alcohols should be avoided.

Determination of Trace Ammonium in High Sodium

The Dionex IonPac CS16 column with suppressed conductivity detection is recommended for larger concentration ratios of sodium and ammonium. The Dionex IonPac SCS 1 column can be used for regulatory compliance monitoring of alkali and alkaline earth cations and ammonium in water and wastewater.

Determination of Alkanolamines and the Common Inorganic Cations in Chemical Process Solutions

The Dionex IonPac SCS 1 column has unique selectivity for alkanolamines, and therefore can be used to resolve mixtures of these priority scrubber amines using a 3mM MSA eluent at elevated temperature.

Multiple Formats Available for Application Flexibility

  • 4x250mm, 2x250mm analytical columns
  • 4x50mm, 2x50mm guard columns
  • Smaller i.d. columns for higher mass sensitivity, eluent and reagent conservation and lower operating costs