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GlycanPac™ AXR-1 HPLC Columns

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Industrial Chromatography

Get industry-leading, ultra-high resolution of labeled and native glycans for structural characterization and quantification using the Thermo Scientific™ GlycanPac™ AXR-1 LC Columns. This high-performance, silica-based chromatography column achieves mixed-mode separation using a combination of charge, isomer structure, and size. Now there's a column with unique selectivity to analyze biologically important glycans. The GlycanPac AXR-1 column is available in multiple HPLC and UHPLC formats and is compatible with fluorescence or mass spectrometry (MS) detection.

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Exceptional Glycan Selectivity with Industry-Leading Resolution

Ultra-high resolution and selectivity of glycans are attributed to the GlycanPac AXR-1 column's innovative mixed-mode surface chemistry, which combines:

  • WAX functionality for retention of negatively charged glycans, with separation in order of increasing charge
  • Reversed-phase functionality for same-charge glycans, with separation according to isomerism and size
Reliable Column Performance

This high-purity spherical silica column is designed and tested for HPLC and UHPLC methods using either fluorescence or MS detection applications. The GlycanPac AXR-1 column uses volatile aqueous buffers (e.g., ammonium acetate or ammonium formate) and acetonitrile, presenting the eluting glycans ready for introduction into MS instruments.

Available in Multiple Formats
  • Use 1.9 µm columns for UHPLC applications and 3 µm columns for HPLC applications
  • Select from a variety of dimensions to support the resolution, throughput, or instrumental requirements required for your application
  • Protect the analytical column with GycanPac AXR-1 Guard columns
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