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MSPac™ DS-10 MS Desalter Cartridge

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Enhance the quality of your mass spectrometry (MS) data by reducing interference from contaminants using the on-line Thermo Scientific™ MSPac™ DS-10 Desalter Cartridge. For use in MS analyses, the desalter minimizes ion suppression and interference caused by salts and contaminents present in biological samples. The MSPac DS-10 Desalter is compatible with salt-based fraction analysis, and has a high loading capacity over a wide pH range for laboratories requiring high sample throughput and increased confidence in their MS analysis.
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The high-capacity desalter is based on 5µm porous copolymer beads and is used for the on-line desalting of biological samples for analysis by reversed-phase LC-MS. The high loading capacity of the desalter makes it suitable for use in identification and quantitation in clinical research, biomarker discovery and systems biology applications.

New on-line desalter—built for compatibility with LC-MS analysis
  • Low peak carryover for sample to sample confidence
  • High capacity for antibody and protein desalting for identification, biomarker discovery and systems biology. 0.01 to 10µg
  • High pH stability for superior lifetime with high pH samples
  • Use with salt-based fractions from ion-exchange (IEX) chromatography, pH-gradient, size-exclusion chromatography (SEC), and more
Improved sensitivity in LC-MS analysis
The MSPac DS-10 Desalter Cartridge reduces background contamination and noise seen in LC-MS analysis of samples containing nonvolatile salts. Removing these salts prior to analysis enhances analyte response and improves sensitivity aiding a more reliable identification.