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11mm Amber Glass Crimp/Snap Top Vials

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Industrial Chromatography

For use with snap caps or aluminum crimp seal closures, these high-quality 11mm amber glass vials are 2mL, 12x32mm and fit most brands of autosamplers. Made of superior quality 51A (Type 1, Class B), they meet all requirements of US, EU, JPN Pharmacopia. Choose from Thermo ScientificTM, Thermo ScientificTM NationalTM and Thermo ScientificTM ChromacolTM brands.
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Choose the right vial for your needs


  • Easy to fill wide neck opening vials requires 6mm diameter micro-Inserts
  • Identify sample and volume with graduated, write-on patch provided on certain vials
  • Get maximum sample extraction without need for separate inserts by using Microsampling and High Recovery Vials
  • Obtain optimal recovery of critical polar, labile or OH-interacting compounds using silanized (deactivated) glass (optional)
  • Select the insert for your sample
  • Polyspring inserts are self-aligning and provide a cushion against needle contact
  • Precision point insert minimizes residual sample loss
  • Pulled point inserts are an economical choice for noncritical applications
  • Autosampler compatibility*
  • Compatible with most HPLC and GC autosamplers
  • *See the Columns and Consumables Catalog for list of autosampler compatibility.
Warranty: 90 days
Disclaimer to internal research use restriction: Any restrictions on the purchaser to utilize the product(s) for internal research purposes only does not apply to the product(s) on the web pages associated with this statement.