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11mm Clear Glass Snap Cap Vials, 1.5mL silanized

Catalog number:  1.5-HRRVS

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Industrial Chromatography

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Use Thermo Scientific™ 11 mm Glass Crimp Top Vials with aluminum crimp seal closures. These high-quality 11 mm glass vials are 2 mL, 12 x 32 mm and fit most brands of autosamplers. Made of superior quality 33 expansion borosilicate clear (Type 1, Class A), they meet all requirements of US, EU, JPN Pharmacopia. Choose from Thermo Scientific™, Thermo Scientific™ National™ and Thermo Scientific™ Chromacol™ brands.


Description: 11mm Snap Cap 1.5mL Vial, silanized
Diameter (Metric) Opening: 11 mm
Diameter (Metric) Inner: 12 mm
Color: Clear
Diameter (Metric) Outer: 12 mm
Material: Glass
Volume (Metric): 1.5 mL
Volume (Metric) Residual: <4 μL
Base Style: High Recovery
Volume (Metric) Total: 1.5 mL
Vial Type: 11 mm Snap Cap Vial, Silanized
Closure Type: Snap
Height (Metric): 32 mm
Quantity: 100
Marking Spot: No
Volume (Metric) Usable: 1.3 mL