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N6 Single-Stage Viable Andersen Cascade Impactor

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Facilitate the analysis of biological aerosols with the Thermo Scientific™ N6 Single-Stage Viable Andersen Cascade Impactor. This one-stage viable particle sampler collects aerobic species of bacteria and fungi.

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The single stage, N6 microbial impactor was specifically designed by NIOSH researchers to meet the specifications of the latest ACGIH Bioaerosol Committee concerning sampling protocol, EPA, OSHA and FDA reference the Andersen-N6 Cascade Impactors in their particle sizing protocols. This inertial impactor obtains a sharp cut-off diameter of 0.65μm.

Key Features:

  • Sampler is constructed with aluminum components that are held together with three spring clamps and sealed with O-ring gaskets; impactor stage contains 400 precision-drilled orifices.
  • Collection plate is prepared by aseptically pipetting 41mL of sterile culture media into a 15mm disposable plastic Petri dish.
  • Collection plate, with cover removed, fits into base of sampling instrument.
  • Air to be sampled enters the sampler and accelerates through the jet orifices of the classification stage; smaller particles are collected by inertial impaction on the agar plate.
  • Viable particles are retained on the agar plate and the exhaust air is carried through the outlet in the base of the instrument to the vacuum source.
  • System comes with a continuous-duty vacuum pump; any vacuum source which is the equivalent of 10 in. of mercury or more will maintain the flow rate of 1 acfm required for maximum collection efficiency.
  • Impactor requires a flow rate of exactly 28.3L/min. (1 cfm) to achieve sharp cut-off diameter of 0.65μm.
  • Inlet cone
  • One jet classification stage
  • Base plate

Recommended for:

  • Indoor air quality studies
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Animal care laboratories
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Cosmetic manufacturing
  • Filter and clean room efficiency studies
  • Brewery fermentation
  • Food processing area
  • Hospital environments
  • Grain processing and transportation
  • Agricultural emissions
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