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CEDIA™ Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) Calibrators

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Diagnostic Testing

Streamline testing with Thermo Scientific™ CEDIA™ Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) Calibrators, a single calibrator kit that can be used with multiple CEDIA TDM assays. These economical kits are valued for their accuracy, precision and lot-to-lot dependability. They are available for cardiac or antiarrhythmic, antiepileptic and antibiotic drug monitoring in human serum and plasma. Each kit includes both high and low calibrators.
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  • Proven technology
  • Liquid ready-to-use: no reconstitution needed
  • Multiple drug constituents per calibration kit
  • Positive linear calibration curve: the higher the absorbance reading, the more drug present
  • Excellent correlation to reference methods
  • Recombinant DNA technology provides lot-to-lot consistency
For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.