Dynabeads™ Protein A Immunoprecipitation Kit

Catalog number: 10006D
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Dynabeads™ Protein A Immunoprecipitation Kit

Catalog number: 10006D
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40 reactions
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10006D40 reactions
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Dynabeads Protein A Immunoprecipitation Kit is intended for immunoprecipitation (IP) and includes all reagents and buffers required to perform IP in combination with your own antibody. The kit is optimized for standard IP, but can also be used for Co-IP, chromatin IP (ChIP), or RNA IP (RIP). The kit includes Dynabeads Protein A magnetic beads with recombinant Protein A (∼45 kDa) covalently coupled to the bead surface. Both manual and automated protocols are available.

Benefits of Dynabeads Protein A Immunoprecipitation Kit include:
Fast and easy—IP in less than 40 minutes with no columns, centrifugations, or time-consuming pre-clearing required
High performance—high target protein yield with low antibody consumption
Low background—very low non-specific binding with a high signal-to-noise ratio
High reproducibility—uniform beads and optimized buffers help ensure consistent results
Automation ready—automation protocols available with the KingFisher Sample Purification instruments

Gentle separation causes minimal physical stress to proteins
The magnetic separation technology utilized by Dynabeads Protein A beads is rapid and gentle, causing minimal physical stress to target proteins. This permits the isolation and concentration of labile composites that might otherwise dissociate or be damaged by proteases during long incubation times. Native protein conformation and large protein complexes are preserved.

Binding strength and antibody binding capacity
Dynabeads Protein A beads allow for the isolation of most mammalian immunoglobulins (Ig). The amount of Ig captured depends on the concentration of Ig in the starting sample and on the type and source of the Ig. 100 μL of Dynabeads Protein A will isolate approximately 25–30 μg human IgG from a sample containing 20–200 μg IgG/mL. Predominantly Fc-binding allows optimal Ig orientation.

Dynabeads magnetic beads are not porous in nature such as Sepharose or agarose resins. This means that all antibodies bind to the smooth outer surface of the beads and are available to bind to the target protein. This translates to a low antibody consumption while obtaining a high yield of the target protein. The smooth bead surface is also the reason for the low non-specific binding that Dynabeads magnetic beads are known for. The recombinant protein A on the beads does not contain albumin binding sites, thus albumin is not co-purified during the procedure

Dynabeads immunoprecipitation protocol is fast and easy
The manual IP protocol is simple and can be performed in less than 40 minutes with 3 easy bind-incubate-elute steps. The procedure does not require any pre-clearing due to the low non-specific binding and uses very little antibody while still obtaining a high IP yield, thus saving both time and cost per IP.

The antibody-coated beads can be used in a variety of IP applications such as Co-IP, chromatin IP (ChIP/ChIP sequencing), RNA IP (RIP, RIP sequencing), small-scale IgG purification, and protein purification. The isolated pure target protein can be used in downstream western blot, mass spectrometry analysis, sequencing, etc.

Automation-ready for use with KingFisher purification systems
The 2.8-μm magnetic beads are ideal for high-throughput enrichment. This process can be automated using any of our KingFisher sample purification systems or liquid handlers.

Commercial supply 
Our manufacturing sites are ISO 13485-certified. Bead characteristics and manufacturing conditions help ensure consistency and batch reproducibility making them an ideal choice for commercial supply. If you are in the process of customizing Dynabeads Protein A Immunoprecipitation Kit in a commercial product or service or need a larger bulk volume of this product, please contact us at or see our Dynabeads OEM page.

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*Sepharose is a trademark of GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


ISO9001 and ISO13485
30 mg/mL
For Use With (Application)
Magnetic Polystyrene
Product Type
IP Kit
For Use With (Equipment)
KingFisher™ Sample Purification System, DynaMag™ magnets
High-throughput Compatibility
Isolation Technology
Magnetic beads
Ligand Type
Protein A
No. of Tests
40 Tests
Product Line
Sample Type
Cell Cultures, Clinical Sample, Supernatants, Tissue Digests, Cell Extracts, Serum
Shelf Life
24 months from date of manufacture
Shipping Condition
Ambient Temperature
Size Distribution
CV <5%
Volume (Metric)
2 mL
Diameter (Metric)
2.8 μm
Regulatory Status
For Research Use Only

Contents & Storage

• 2 mL Dynabeads Protein A
• 16 mL Antibody (Ab) Washing and Binding buffer
• 28 mL Washing Buffer
• 1 mL Elution Buffer

Store at 2°C to 8°C.


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