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Evolution™ Mercury Lamp Accessories

Thermo Scientific™ Mercury Lamp accessories provides instrument calibration and automated performance testing for the Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Series UV-Visible spectrophotometers. Test performance of wavelength accuracy, wavelength repeatability and bandwidth accuracy using the extremely narrow emission lines of mercury. These emission lines are fundamental, primary standards that require no certification or recalibration, saving you time and money.

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The mercury lamp is the primary standard recommended for testing wavelength accuracy by the USP, PH.EUR, JP, TGA, WHO, ASTM (E275-67), and other internationally recognized testing protocols. The fundamental emission lines of mercury are a physical property, and therefore require no traceability. Because the emission lines of mercury are very narrow, the accuracy of the instrument is tested to the highest possible tolerance.

The effective spectral bandwidth of the instrument can also be measured by measuring the full width at half maximum of a mercury emission peak scanned by the instrument.  The mercury lamp accessory removes the need for both holmium oxide liquid and toluene in hexane standards when performing routine performance verification testing to comply with the requirements of pharmacopoeias. 

The lamp also allows you or one of your trained engineers to calibrate Evolution spectrophotometers exactly as they were calibrated in the factory following service to the optical bench.

Uses seven mercury lamp lines from wavelength 253.65 to 810nm

A unique calibration curve is used for every spectral bandwidth (SBW) available with the spectrophotometer Calibration at 1.0nm SBW is performed and stored independently of the calibration at 2.0nm SBW. 

Save time, save money, save effort

The lamp installs permanently into the Evolution 350 spectrophotometer, and when needed in the Evolution 200 Series spectrophotometers.  It is turned on and off by clicking a box in INSIGHT software. Installing a mercury lamp saves time and effort when performing routine performance verification tests. It also saves you money and effort by eliminating the need to maintain and recalibrate or recertify holmium oxide and toluene in hexane liquid standards on a regular basis.

Thermo Scientific INSIGHT software uses the mercury lamp to fully automate the tests for:

  • Wavelength accuracy
  • Wavelength precision (wavelength repeatability)
  • Spectral bandwidth (1 nm setting)

Applications: Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Industrial QA/QC, Pharmaceuticals