Thermo Scientific™

Orion3™ Charged Device Model (CDM) tester

The Thermo Scientific™ Orion3™ is designed to test for potentially destructive effects of ESD, enabling the identification and hardening of sensitive structures prior to full-scale production.  Given the extremely high cost of IC production, as well as customer demands for precisely timed component delivery schedules, the Orion3 can save substantial costs in terms of time, material and lost opportunity (time to market).  The high resolution dual cameras permit easy and rapid discharge pin alignment during the test setup routine. Both the x and y axis are displayed simultaneously. The cameras may be left on during the test to monitor the pin alignment. Vacuum hold-down enables device testing regardless of device types and sizes.  
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The Orion3 is capable of performing FICDM (air discharge) testing to all popular industry standards. An event detector ensures each discharge occurs as expected, ensuring proper alignment and contact between the device and the system discharge pin. Events are logged and reported upon test completion, providing confirmation of pin discharge, and the indication of non-stressed pins that require retest. Testing can also be performed, using our CCDM contact test method, which both charges and discharges the device through a controlled impedance environment, eliminating testing issues that can be seen when using air discharge methods.

  • Supports all popular test standards: JS-002, JEDEC, ESDA, AEC, JEITA and CCDM methods
  • Bench height test area allows for an ergonomic work process
  • High resolution dual cameras permit easy discharge pin alignment during test plan set-up
  • Environmental monitor within the test area allows control of humidity levels during testing by flooding the area with user supplied dry air or nitrogen
  • Event detector confirms ESD discharge and reports when a pin is not stressed
  • Automatic waveform capture for calibration or device testing. Stores Ipeak and min/max values for each captured waveform
  • Device under test (DUT) held in place by an internal vacuum pump; alignment assured via adjustable fixture
  • Intuitive test set-up and test execution using the Thermo Scientific Scimitar™ software platform
  • Integrated package outline editor allows creation of any device, including off grid
  • Device definitions can be imported from legacy applications, other Scimitar applications, and in text based (x, y) formats