Thermo Scientific™

KRILPRO Neutron Backscatter Foam Level/Interface Device

Optimize delayed coking operations with the Thermo Scientific™ KRILPRO Neutron Backscatter Foam Level/Interface Device. Rugged and compact, this non-contacting device enables refiners to maximize coke drum output per cycle while significantly reducing anti-foam usage. It has a wide sensor temperature range, and accurately detects foam (light, medium and heavy) as well as wet and dry coke.

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  • Patented pulse-mode ion chamber technology results in precision of less than 0.5% of the span
  • Drift-free electronics are adverse to temperature variation and ensure unmatched stability
  • Continuous self-diagnostics provide an instant check of system integrity
  • Stainless steel housing for high durability and longer life
  • Easy to install, with no component exceeding 45 pounds
  • Streamlined design allows for rapid diagnostics and servicing of the unit
  • Neutron backscatter principle enables measurement through thick-walled vessels of any diameter to pinpoint process changes due to the varying levels of vapors, foams, liquids and solids within the vessel
  • Non-contacting measurement unaffected by temperature, pressure, viscosity, corrosives and/or abrasives
  • Compact detector consists of one large, round ion that is filled with He III gas

Compatible with:

A comprehensive coker monitoring system from the fractionation tower feed line to the coke drum can be created by using the KRILPRO along with two other industry leading Thermo Scientific nuclear devices, the LevelPRO and the DensityPRO. Specifically engineered for coke drum operations, these devices ensure maximum process control and improved profitability.

Recommended for:

  • Coke drum level
  • Vacuum tower draw-off tray
  • Amine contractor packed column
  • Linear reaction polyethylene applications
  • Interfaces


Manuals & protocols