Thermo Scientific™

AutoMITTER PRO™ Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter

Simplify maintenance and minimize capital expenses with the Thermo Scientific™ AutoMITTER PRO™ Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter. Featuring a single board design that eliminates the need for separate transmitters, it is built for highly accurate volumetric rate calculations. This 3-in-1 device integrates seamlessly with Thermo Scientific™ gas flow computers to measure differential pressure, static pressure and temperature.

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The AutoMITTER PRO Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter features a high operating range for differential pressure yet has a 400:1 turndown, enabling this one transmitter to be used on virtually any application. For ultrasonic and other temperature-sensitive applications, this transmitter offers highly accurate temperature measurement to within 0.1°C.

  • Single board, user-friendly design with a rotary switch for addressing and easily accessible, daisy-chainable connections for quick startup and simplified maintenance
  • Differential pressure and static pressure accuracy of up to ±0.04%
  • High differential pressure operating range with a 400:1 turndown for use on virtually any application
  • Highly accurate temperature measurement to within 1°C for ultrasonic and other temperature-sensitive applications
  • Compact, lightweight and easy-to-install and use
Two Models Available in Gauge or Absolute:
  • High Accuracy (400 in.wc x 1500 psi)
  • Premium Accuracy (400 in.wc x 4500 psi)