Thermo Scientific™

Noncontact Thickness Gauges for Cold Rolling and Process Lines

Accurate thickness measurement of process-line steel ensures the finished products have specific mechanical properties. Thermo Scientific™ Noncontact Thickness Gauges for Cold Rolling and Process Lines provide reliable, noncontact thickness measurement of flat sheet metal in every type of processing line. Our gauges range from isotope and x-ray to laser and other optical based sensors and we have the experience to custom select the optimum sensor for your application. With more than 65 years in noncontact thickness measurement, we can solve any challenge encountered in a cold rolling or process line.
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The Thermo Scientific™ product line of  noncontact thickness measurement gauges for cold rolling and process lines consists of:

Thermo Scientific Laser TX Optical Thickness Gauge

  • Laser triangulation measurement with sensors ideally suited for the measurement of the sheet thickness range
  • Completely insensitive to sheet composition and the sensor is safe, requiring no radiation registration or licensing
  • Standard design provides thickness monitoring for the entire length of a coil.
  • Use of laser based sensors completely eliminates the need for semi-annual regulatory inspections

Thermo Scientific RM 100 PL / RM 110 PL Strip Thickness Gauge

  • Sensors are housed in an industrial, heavy-duty C-frame for centerline measurement to provide reliable data.
  • Gamma-ray measuring heads measure the centerline thickness as well as the cross profile in the optional scanning mode.
  • X-ray measuring head operates with minimum maintenance in challenging environments.
  • High efficiency, ionization-chamber-based radiation detectors provide excellent measurement stability.

Thermo Scientific RM 200 PL and RM 200 CM Strip Thickness Gauge

  • Gamma-ray measuring heads measure centerline thickness as well as the cross profile in the optional scanning mode.
  • Designed to operate with minimal maintenance in demanding environments.
  • Available in dual configuration for reversing cold mill applications or processing lines with dual payoff reels.
  • RM 200 CM includes additional sealing and modified access panels for further protection against rolling fluids used in cold mill applications.

Thermo Scientific RM 302 ES Simultaneous Triple Spot Thickness Gauge

  • Simultaneous triple-spot measurements: a middle sensor obtains the thickness of the strip center while two outside sensors obtain edge thickness.
  • High efficiency detectors permit measurement resolution of less than 12mm in the crosswise direction.
  • Rugged C-frame with electric drive.

Thermo Scientific RM 210 CM Strip Thickness Gauge

  • Delivers noncontact on-line measurements for every type of cold-mill application.
  • Low-noise analog output allows rolling to tighter tolerances.
  • Can be used for manual, AGC or adaptive control of the mill.
  • Expandable architecture for two- or three-sensor C-frames per cabinet.
Thermo Scientific RM 319 Edge Profile Gauge

The Thermo Scientific RM319 edge profile gauge has been discontinued. Service and spare parts for these products will continue until the end of 2023. If you have any service needs, please contact service using the link above.

Recommended for

  • Cold rolling mills

  • Reversing rolling mills (dual configuration)

  • Tension levelers

  • Pickling, annealing, shearing and inspection lines

  • Slitting lines

  • Cut-to-length shearing lines

  • Entry or exit gauge for coating lines

  • High-performance processing lines

  • Tandem mills

  • Entry or exit of galvanizing lines