Thermo Scientific™

PXS6-130SW 130kV X-Ray Sources

Related applications:

Radiation Detection Measurement

Thermo Scientific™ PXS6-130SW, 130kV X-ray source combines the X-ray tube and high voltage power supply into one compact package that is powered by a 28VDC source. Unit houses a side-window sealed tube and a high-voltage power supply.
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An external controller is available for driving the unit and setting up and monitoring the target voltage and beam current.

  • Highly stable flux output of <0.2% standard deviation over 4hr period
  • 0.5mÅ max beam current and titanium filter produces 16R/min output of hard X-rays at 65w
  • 26.7mm Focus-to-Object Distance (FOD)
  • CU020 controller
  • Multi-pin connector used to supply the input power to the X-ray unit also provides connections for remote monitoring and control of the target voltage and electron beam current
  • Water-cooled with thermal shutdown protection in the event of overheating
  • Operating voltage range enables use with a wide range of materials
  • 0.2% maximum relative standard deviation over any 4-hour period in 20 hours when operated with the appropriate Thermo Scientific X-ray controller operating above 20kV
  • The window orientation relative to the housing is factory set to the G position
  • Shielding of the housing is sufficient to ensure that the X-ray leakage is less than 0.5 mR/hour measured one inch away from any part of the housing
  • The target voltage and electron beam current are adjusted by using a separate external variable DC voltage source, or by adjusting the programming signal available from the multi-pin connector with external potentiometers
  • Recommended shielding: lead, 0.125 in. thick (3.2mm)

Recommended for:

  • Gauging
  • Analytical