Thermo Scientific™

ARL™ SMS-Omega XRF Instrument

Keep up with production demands with automated XRF analysis. When different types of material have to be processed in parallel, the Thermo Scientific™ ARL OPTIM’X™ WDXRF Spectrometer with the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ SMS-Omega XRF Instrument is the solution. Automatic sample preparation and handling without user intervention combine with rapid analysis to provide high-quality results. This innovative solution has a compact footprint of less than 1m2, so it can be installed in centralized laboratories or on production shop floors, wherever fully automated industrial production control is needed.
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This cost-effective system is a unique combination of Thermo Scientific XRF and automation technology for fully automated sample preparation and analysis of one material type.

Main Features

  • Unattended instrument monitoring and integrated audit trail functions.

  • Sample handling arm equipped with a suction device (metals version) or a gripper (oxide version) loads samples for analysis.

  • Samples processed under strict identical and reproducible conditions.

  • Fixed circular magazine.

  • XRF functionality comes from the flexible and compact Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ OPTIM'X WDXRF Instrument.

Features of the OPTIM'X WDXRF Instrument

  • WDXRF platform with sequential and/or simultaneous capabilities.

  • Configurable to cover all elements from fluorine (F) to uranium (U) in sequential mode.

  • Fast analysis of solids, liquids and loose powders with superior spectral resolution.

  • No water cooling or gas supply (depending on configuration) required.

  • Closely coupled optics for increased intensity (50% higher than conventional geometry).

Features of the Fixed Circular Magazine

  • Eight positions provides storage of reference standards.

  • Allows occasional manual introduction of prepared samples.

  • One additional position dedicated to filing production samples following analysis.

  • The complete system can also be supplied within a Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ QuantoShelter container for in situ analysis closer to the process.