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Transcend™II System with Multi-channel and TurboFlow™Technology

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Improve data quality, lower costs, and increase LC/MS throughput without compromising data quality or sensitivity. The Thermo Scientific™ Transcend™ II system combines proprietary Thermo Scientific™ TurboFlow™ online sample preparation technology and a unique HPLC multi-channel technique to bring the productivity of up to four separate, parallel UHPLC channels to a single mass spectrometer. It reduces sample preparation time up to 95% and maximizes utilization of MS instruments.

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Technology Dramatically Reduces Sample Preparation

Thermo Scientific TurboFlow technology combines diffusion, chemistry, and size exclusion to perform selective online sample clean up of dirty or difficult matrixes prior to HPLC or UHPLC separation and MS analysis. Turboflow technology minimizes manual sample preparation and reduces sample preparation time by up to 95%.
  • Minimizes manual sample preparation and facilitates direct sample injection into an LC-MS system—including plasma, urine, food, and other complex matrices
  • Reduces ion suppression through higher specificity
  • Saves time and simplifies complex sample preparation protocols
  • Simplifies method development by enabling the same method to be used for different matrices
Multiplexing Accelerates Sample Throughput

Multiplexing brings the productivity of up to four separate, parallel UHPLC channels to a single mass spectrometer. With the Thermo Scientific™ Aria™ operating software, each channel operates independently, so a single method or multiple methods can be run simultaneously.

  • Accelerates results and quadruples mass spectrometer throughput
  • Enhances productivity by facilitating analysis of more samples per hour
  • Improves efficiency by reducing MS idle time
  • Increases flexibility by allowing up to four different assays to run at the same time
Aria Software Optimizes Performance and Productivity

Aria software controls pump operation, valve switching, cleaning, and gradient procedures on the Transcend system. Compatible with all leading mass spectrometer software, the intuitive graphical user interface makes it simple to run a TurboFlow method or set up multiplexing.


  • Manages and controls all aspects of the Transcend II system
  • Schedules and manages multiple methods on multiple channels simultaneously
  • Accommodates existing methods and workflows
  • Allows anyone to quickly develop methods and run batches of samples
  • Built into Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™, Xcalibur™, and LCquan™ software
  • Communicates with and runs many other brands of mass spectrometer

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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