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The 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder is a powerful tool for estimating the molecular weight of linear, double-stranded DNA fragments. The 1 Kb Plus DNA ladder is composed of 20 highly purified, double-stranded DNA bands spanning 100 bp to 12,000 bp. This ladder has 12 evenly spaced bands ranging from 1 kb to 12 kb, a quick orientation band at 1,650 bp that forms a distinct doublet with the 2 kb band, and seven bands of round sizes below 1 kb. The 1 Kb Plus DNA ladder is compatible with agarose gels you cast in your lab as well as E-Gel® pre-cast agarose gels. Features of this ladder:

  • Round, easy-to-remember band sizes
  • Broad size range (100 bp–12 kb)
  • Compatible with all agarose gels
  • Our most popular and easiest-to-use ladder
    The 1 Kb Plus DNA ladder is our most popular DNA ladder used to estimate the molecular mass of double-stranded DNA bands from PCR, restriction digests, and other molecular biology protocols. Unlike some other DNA ladders, the 1 Kb Plus DNA ladder has been specially designed to have bands of round, easy-to-remember sizes. The logical band layout, and quick identification doublet, allow you to quickly and easily estimate the size of your band of interest at a glance (see figure).

    A single ladder for most of your needs
    The 20 bands comprising the 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder range in size from 100 bp up to 12 Kb, making it one of the broadest DNA ladders available. This wide breadth is perfect for downstream cloning applications as well as end-point PCR and other molecular biology applications.

    Simplified format for use with all DNA agarose gels
    The 1 Kb Plus DNA ladder is compatible with all agarose gels that can be used to analyze DNA fragments, including self-cast agarose gels and E-Gel® products. The ladder is provided in a purified format without premixed loading buffer. The ladder should be mixed with an appropriate loading buffer prior to being loaded onto an agarose gel. The 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder is supplied at 1 µg/µL in 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.5), 50 mM NaCl, and 1 mM EDTA. Store at -20°C, and for best results aliquot stock to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

    DNA stain and radiolabel compatible
    To visualize the 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder, stain with SYBR® Safe, ethidium bromide, or a similar DNA stain. The 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder can also be radiolabeled using T4 polynucleotide kinase, T4 DNA polymerase, DNA polymerase I, or the large fragment of DNA polymerase I (Klenow fragment). Fill-in labeling can use any radiolabeled dNTP.
    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


    Gel Compatibility: Agarose Gels
    Ready to Load: No
    Concentration: 1 µg⁄µl
    Mass: 1000 µg
    Number of Reactions: 500 Applications
    Product Size: 1,000 µg
    Size Range: 0.1 to 12 kb
    Volume (Metric): 1000 µL
    Green Features: Sustainable packaging
    Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment at Room Temperature or on Dry Ice

    Contents & storage

    Contains: 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder™ (1 µg/µl) in 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.5), 50 mM NaCl, and 1 mM EDTA.

    Store at -20°C.


    Manuals & protocols

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