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KR4i Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

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Reproduce samples run-to-run and wield absolute sample temperature control with the Thermo Scientific™ KR4i Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge, a versatile, compact centrifuge ideal for high-throughput clinical applications and genomics, proteomics and biochemistry research. This multi-use, high-capacity, low-speed centrifuge accepts large sample numbers and volumes and delivers outstanding performance in a refrigerated floor standing unit.
Not available in North America. Please contact your sales representative for alternative products.

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  • Blood banking capability allows processing of up to 12 quin or quad blood bags with or without filters.
  • High-capacity rotors are available for pharmaceutical, clinical, genomics, proteomics, biochemistry, pathology research, RIA and large-volume processing.
  • Three swing-out rotors, a wide selection of accessories and an unparalleled microplate capacity allow processing up to 48 standard microplates or 12 to 18 deepwell plates in a single run.

Accurate and Dependable:

  • Guaranteed lifetime reproducibility, run to run by automatic High Reproducibility Factor (integral)— Ideal for platelet production
  • True RCF: Using programmed radius allowing for use of adapters
  • Careful sample handling: Liners that enable blood bags to be inserted and removed without force
  • Temperature sensor and software independent of the bowl for accurate sample temperature control
  • Intuitive VIDEOset™ graphic microprocessor control system with pictures and message

Unparalleled Safety:

  • Sealed buckets and microplate carriers are certified to IEC 1010-2-020 for biocontainment by CAMR™ Porton Down.
  • Centrifuge inclucdes built-in imbalance detection and shutdown, guard barrier, dual lid interlock, current and overtemperature protection.
  • Automatic rotor recognition prevents rotor overspeed.

Complete Data Management:

  • Available Thermo Scientific CQCS Network Quality Control System provides the ultimate in traceability according to GLP, GMP and ISO 9000 standards.
  • Integration of 32 centrifuges in a single network allows easy data capture, storage, and processing by laboratory information management systems (LIMS) or electronic lab notebooks.

Rotor Availability:

  • RP6 Windshielded Swinging Bucket Rotor (ideal for clinical and basic research laboratories) offers max capacity of 6 × 1000mL bottles or 12 × 550mL quin/quad blood bags with filter options
  • RC6 Swinging Bucket Rotor with sealed round buckets or oval blood bag buckets for diverse applications
  • RC4 Windshielded Swinging Bucket rotor with max capacity of 4 × 1600mL bottles or 8 × 550 quin/quad/triple blood bags
  • RHK4B Diagnostic Rotor to use with LKB racks and RIA tubes

Ordering Information: (Not available in North America. Please contact your sales representative for alternative products.)

  • Available Thermo Scientific CQCS offers ISO 9000 and GLP/GMP traceability.
  • 11178410 BB-CQCS V3 from KR4i (1st centrifuge)
  • 11178411 BB-CQCS V3 from additional KR4i
  • 11178420 Bar Code Reader for PC
  • 11178421 Bar Code Reader for Centrifuge

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